Our full suite of web, design and marketing solutions
have everything you need to level up your business.

Craft digital experiences that engage and captivate. Our team transforms concepts into functional websites, tailored to your brand’s identity. From intuitive user interfaces to seamless development. we’re here to bring your vision to life online.

Elevate your brand’s voice with words that resonate and connect. Our skilled copywriters infuse creativity into every piece, be it web content, articles, or ads. From compelling storytelling to clear messaging, we ensure your brand message shines across platforms.

Lay a strong digital foundation with reliable hosting and domain solutions. We simplify the technical complexities, ensuring your online presence is secure and accessible. Trust us to manage the essentials while you focus on your brand’s growth.

Boost your online presence with targeted strategies that reach your audience effectively. From SEO optimisation that enhances your visibility to managing impactful Facebook and Google Ads campaigns, we’re here to drive meaningful engagement and results.

Shape your brand’s identity with designs that tell your story visually. Our expertise spans from creating captivating logos to crafting brochures that leave a lasting impression. let us help you build a consistent and visually compelling brand identity.

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Here are some of the common questions we hear at Candor

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Absolutely. Send us an email with your desired domain name and we will come back to you with pricing and work with you to secure your digital home.

The age old question. In an ideal world from design to content to development we would work on a 6 week turn around. 

The reality is it can be shorter or longer depending on how easily all the parts come together. It takes time to take your dream and translate it into the digital space in a way that exceeds your expectations. What we work on in consistent communication, easy actionable lists so that each party knows what they are responsible for.

Let’s get in touch and see what is entailed and what systems we are working with. Some websites are much easier to update than others and some, your desired result may in fact be something else entirely. 

Whatever approach we take in the end we will provide you with a quote and update you accordingly to anything that arises. 

Great! Let’s work out what exact search terms you are wanting to rank for, where you already sit and let’s put a plan in place to rise up the Google Ranks.

This is the process that involves creating a unique image and identity for your business across all marketing materials and points of customer contact. This covers logos, colors, fonts and more.

Marketing is the act of promoting your products and services and branding ensure that the messaging, look and feel is consistent in tone, messaging, visuals and experience. Branding builds loyalty with customers to draw them to your products.

Marketing and Branding work hand in hand. It’s about creating a lasting impression that makes people want to engage with your business. Without a strong brand, marketing can be less effective and disjointed.